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Virginia Stourton

Having run Rekindle for two wonderful years I am now focusing on my original message Profit from Experience. Drawing upon my own experiences, I have put together a series of motivational talks to help individuals to develop the right mindset to succeed in their business endeavours.

My talks are based on a range of areas including confidence, communication and leadership. Please visit my talks page for a full list of topics.

Mem of Barn 500 Club. Mem of 200 Business Club. Founder Mem of BFA. Cirencester Radio Correspondent. Patron of the Barn Theatre.

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People on average buy people! This is particularly relevant in the service industry. Naturally the product or service offered must fulfil a need and desire.

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Education has reached extraordinary heights with many more young people continuing to University. The value of being a good mixer and believing in positivity are skills Virginia brings to the table.

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Virginia has over the years spoken to large audiences both personally and through the media. Believing that an audience is as important as the speaker she researches carefully so that she takes the audience on an enjoyable and relevant journey!

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